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Bowen Therapy and homeopathy: how they can help you

Carole Railton, a homeopath and Bowen Therapist practising in London, UK , explains how these therapies can help the older person.

by Carole Railton

I have long been interested in alternative therapies. As a result, I’m qualified in lots of them including Bowen Technique which has its origins in Australia. Bowen Therapy aids the muscles and tissue in the body to repair and heal of their own accord. It’s most used as an alternative to chiropractic practice and osteopathy, since it is a gentle movement of muscles and tissues, rather than a pushing and realigning treatment. However, it can realign your body extremely well. It works on a patient’s slack skin and moves it over underlying tissues. Each move covers only a small area at a time, but one that is clearly defined and pinpointed, to aid the recovery of different conditions.

Bowen Therapy is best known for healing frozen shoulders and has been the most common condition that my patients over the years have presented me with. It's also good for injured knees and ankles and asthmatic conditions and all those niggling problems seniors seem to get.

Since there is no manipulation involved patients regularly show improvement on the spot and are less likely to get any swelling or uncomfortable aches after a treatment. It’s ideal for older patients who are more fragile and are seeking an easier route to recovery or who want a tune up without the usual pulling and tugging at their bodies.

Homeopathy is another gentle, holistic system of healing, suitable for babies and adults of all ages. No hands on here though, as it works through vibrations. Its focus is on the individual, before the condition they present me with, which is often why different people can be prescribed different remedies for the same condition. However, when correctly chosen, homeopathic remedies can act to bring about a permanent state of well-being.

Homeopaths believe a substance can both cause and heal a condition. The correct application of this law enables the homeopath to bring about a full recovery in curable conditions and to bring relief to those who are beyond cure. Remedies are safe and most are non-toxic, meaning they can be administered harmlessly, to new-born babies and seniors alike.

Lots of seniors are gravitating to homeopathy since it can work with most conventional medicines without harmful effects. For those of us who are getting older and wish for a more natural approach, homeopathy is a type of medicine in which the self-healing power of the body is stimulated especially for recurrent conditions. Chronic illnesses and behaviour problems are also treatable with homeopathy.

Is it time for you to give your system a boost with homeopathy? The Queen of England and the Royal Family use homeopathy so I think what is good enough for them is probably good enough for us!

Carole Railton is a homeopath and Bowen Therapist practising in London, UK and co-founder of Behavioural Shift.

Photo: by Carole Railton (copyright). Bowen Therapy and homeopathy are calming and relaxing practices.

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