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Coaching can improve your life

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Whether you are old or young you can benefit from coaching. All organisations can too. Carole Railton and Lucia Dore write.

Coaching is a way to improve your life. To change direction, get a better grip of life and to get unstuck from “now” there is nothing more satisfying than having someone on your side who will guide you and gently direct and challenge you to make the changes you have been putting off. Coaching specialists, rather than counsellors, are now used in most corporate organisations to help them excel in business and develop their people.

Some of the benefits of employing coaches in the workplace are: helping personnel adapt to change; improving productivity and performance; making personnel feel valued; dealing with challenges more confidently and helping personnel, particularly older ones, return to work.

Given that there has been so much success with coaching in business it is now being used in a more general way in society. Lucia and Carole have been both coached and have worked as coaches. Carole Railton is even a partner in a global leadership coaching company, with a partner in India. We have helped numerous people. One of those is a new mother who was struggling juggling her baby and her work. In this case, it was determined she could delegate more, reduce her working hours and have more time for herself and her family. We also helped a scientist who wanted to change her job. She upskilled, and as a result, became a consultant in the same company as she had worked, with an increased salary and flexibility. In fact, she was so happy she went on to become a coach herself. We’ve also worked with someone to become a competent public speaker, since he had never spoken in public before. His coaching enabled him to speak in front of large numbers of people. Now he travels the world giving talks with ease. While Carole Railton recalls the time she was training to be a coach, 20 years ago. A friend volunteered to be her guinea pig but he insisted that he did not want to change his life. This was interesting from an analysis point of view.

Nevertheless she took him on, and he ended up changing his job for the better and became self-employed in his 60s, studying new skills that would help him while he is self-employed. His wife has told Carole that he had never been happier and that she kept them together as she was seriously thinking of leaving him. This was something she did not know while coaching was taking place. There are many benefits of coaching. So if you want to benefit from Behavioural Shift’s coaching practice please get in touch. (Contact: We are happy to give you the opportunity to have a 15-minute free evaluation session before you commit to a block of four sessions. Each session will help you achieve the movement you want to take in your life in a new or more secure direction.

Please get in contact soon to make improvements in your life that will carry you forward with new found skills and freedom.

Charges for a block of four 45 minute sessions, on line, are just £60 per session. They can be paid in two lots of £120 or in full £240.

If you want to make any changes to your life contact: or

Photo by Carole Railton (copyright). Coaching allows you to have a brighter future and reach for the skies.

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