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Do we get what we ask for?

People of all ages, including those who are 50-plus, are looking to change their lives. How do we change our unconscious mind to think differently?

By Carole Railton frsa

Most of us are controlled by our unconscious - and the very fact it is our unconscious means that we don't realise this. It is tough changing things embedded in our unconscious mind, unless of course we begin to work out how and why the mind works in this particular way.

As so much of what happens to us is in our unconscious minds, this means that as soon as you stop consciously looking for things the unconscious mind begins to focus on whatever the mind thinks is important. All this will have been built up over years of the unconscious mind's experience inside of you. You may look for the good in people, in which case you are then likely to encounter good in the people you meet. The opposite is true: if you think people are nasty, dishonest or untruthful, the people you meet will display these characteristics. Therefore, whatever the mind focuses on, you will experience the results of this focus - either immediately or later in your life. Be warned!

Your brain works by asking itself questions and then providing the answers. Each one of us has our own individual dialogue running in our heads, sometimes it’s a constant chattering. The mind talk will bring about how you will feel or act in situations and can set you up or otherwise for the day. Given that this is happening, should you leave it to chance? I don't think so.

Understanding how our brains work, has taken thousands of years and we can learn even more by experimenting ourselves. An example of how this could work is for you is to do this exercise now:

Find something that is not working in your life and then ask:

“What is wrong exactly?”

“How long have I had the problem?”

“Why do I have this problem right now?”

“Whose fault is this?”

As you respond to these questions notice how you feel, more positive, and how you begin to take control of your life and its current situations.

Then ask yourself some different questions, ones that influence your unconscious mind. This is a sure way to help you to a better outcome for each of the situations in your life:

“What do I want now or in the future?”

“What is the ideal solution to get this?”

“If I knew the ideal solution what would it be?”

“What resources do I have to solve this?”

“What resources can I use to solve this?”

“What can I learn from this?”

“How will I feel when I solve this?”

Now notice again how you feel. Even more positive, I hope. You are on the way to recovery, of your subconscious mind. What power!

What has happened, is that your unconscious mind will naturally focus on answering your questions. If you ask better questions, you get better answers, so I cannot think of any reasons not to hone questions until you get really detailed. Really specific questions will bring really specific answers - so have a go now, change the rest of your life forever. I guarantee results. It is that simple.

Even simple things like asking “How could I make today more fun?” will lead to a more fulfilling life. We only use about 20% of our brain; just imagine what we could do if we understood the 80%.

For faster results, write the answers to the questions above each day for a week. Something great will happen for you by the end of the week. guaranteed, believe me and experience it yourself, no excuses!

Could it be that you are not convinced about the benefits of training your unconscious mind? If so, you need to ask more empowering questions until you get there. What would make you focus on having a fabulous fun day? Whatever the answer is, do it. Please take action now, tell others what you are doing so you can share the successes and love you have for each other.

There is no better path in life than improving along the way, and there is no better way to share than letting people do the same. If all it takes is good questions how can you refuse to move on and experience everything that is your birth right? If others believe in you, you have to believe in yourself too. Get going! There is no time like the present to take action and the more you take the more you get. Yes, its naturally flowing energy which brings you to your life goals. Best wishes for a successful summer (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, that is).

Photo: by Carole Railton (Copyright). "On his way".

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