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Hypnosis- why you should give it a try.

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

by Carole Railton (frsa)

It’s in the mind.

Hypnosis has long been associated with stage shows and behaviours that make others laugh. This is perhaps why I took such a long time owning the fact that I practised this skill.

I don’t find hypnosis the least bit strange or even mysterious as we all go into hypnotic states several times a day when we do something without thinking or even being unable to recall what we have done, such as locking our front door when we leave our homes. When we do this we are in trance. This is when the subconscious mind takes over. It’s not just a mind thing though. The deep relaxation means our bodies benefit too.

The subconscious mind has no reasoning power as it is directed by the conscious mind, which can order facts. During hypnosis, both the conscious and sub conscious mind work together so that messages are implanted in the mind and you don’t have to struggle with issues anymore.

Hypnosis can make life changes. In contrast with counselling, which can take years for a result, a couple of sessions with hypnosis can achieve the desired results. So who wants to make a change in their life, to be less fearful perhaps?

Changing our view of experiences and rejigging our beliefs can make a radical difference to the way in which we lead our lives. Substantial change requires a level of investment to get past old patterns and hypnosis is a quick way to do this. It works! I should know. I have been on both sides, the one who is hypnotised and the one doing the hypnotising.

Hypnosis can assist people in improving their lives in a variety of ways. It can help achieve weight loss, conquer a phobia, improve sports’ performance and, probably most importantly, change unwanted habits and behaviours. Even illnesses can be reduced or affected positively.

Forget about going unconscious. It’s not about losing control. Its more about being secure and relaxed so that your therapist can guide your through some of the difficult patterns that are no longer valid in your life. You will be able to hear things going on around you, even though you are “asleep”. Following a session, very stressed people often remark it is the most relaxed they have felt in years,

Is it time for you to give this natural therapy a try to get the most out of your life right now?

Carole Railton (copyright): Hypnosis is neither strange nor mysterious.

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