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Promises: be true to yourself

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

By Carole Railton

Does the "present you" know where to go? Does the "present you" know how to get there? Evidence proves goal setting is important and an indicator of our chances of success. But although we know that we must set goals, and often know how to achieve them, we may not plan to make that happen. We may not take the necessary action to achieve our goals. The fact that we do not means we have to ask ourselves: "What is going on?" We must make a promise to ourselves that we will follow through with our actions. Promises are indicators of how we are going to behave and what is going to happen along the way. If we don't make a promise to ourselves and don't follow through with our actions, we deny ourselves, and the wider community, the future we seek. Let's look at promises. Often, we make promises to others such as: "We promise to be at your wedding". But when it comes to ourselves, we are more willing to break a promise. We may fail to complete a project within a certain time, for example. However, when we make a promise to ourselves, and achieve our goal, our self-esteem grows. Some other things that we may promise that we will do include: going on a diet; looking at another way of doing something; and being more tidy. When we don't complete a particular task, we let ourselves down and fail to live life to the full. Sometimes we make promises to ourselves, such as going on a diet, when really it is those around us that want us to do these things. Be sure that what you promise is what you want and not what others around you want.

If we are still living our lives for others at this stage in life we have little chance of being completely happy.

To ensure that our promises are completed, we need to be sure that a task can be fulfilled. Let's start with the promise to do our best. This is a bit vague. Instead, promise something to which you know you will adhere.

Not only listen to yourself but listen to others too. Watch who completes their promise. The completion of promises helps us to grow and learn how much we can achieve. We also understand more about the world around us.

Use the words: "I promise to do (such and such) to the best of my ability." Once you believe in yourself you are more likely to achieve your goals and promises.

This is especially important with seniors since the abundance of skills and knowledge must be used. By so doing, others may also be helped.

There is no time like the present to focus on making promises to yourself and completing tasks. Your time must be used well. Good luck!

Photo: by Carole Railton (copyright). When making promises believe in yourself.

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