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The virus and the vaccine

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

By Carole Railton, frsa, co-founder of Behavioural Shift

Coronavirus has put paid to life as we knew it and it’s not just in the UK and Europe. People all over the world are suffering even if they have not had the "virus", where the majority of those who die from it are over 80 years, and have pre-existing diseases.

It has caused havoc with all generations globally. Adults have been isolated, children wear masks, seniors been left to die in care homes. Many of the European middle class have found themselves stranded and without jobs. However, those working for local and central government are guaranteed a job, a salary and pension at the expense of those who have suffered.

Much has been made of the lack of medical treatment for conditions such as cancer, check-ups in general and the lack of operations being carried out. Rehabilitation for those injured is virtually non-existent and there has been an onslaught in mental health problems due to the new anti-social behaviours we have had to adapt to.

Currently, if you are terminally ill you are likely to to die without your loved ones around you, isolated from friends and/family. Those of us lucky enough to be healthy can’t even sit on a park bench with our friends (this is soon to be allowed), go to a restaurant, shop at general stores or get our the hair done. Our freedom is eroded!

There are some basics that make me, and I hope you, think about the situation we are in right now and why our governments have reacted in the way they have. For example, how different is the virus to a normal flu outbreak? Professor. Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University has stated in a paper: “With an infection fatality rate of 0.14-0.26%, [COVID-19] is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu.” Perhaps our responses to the virus are over-protective. The vaccine was offered to solve the problem. It does not prevent you from getting the virus and it does not stop you from passing it on. It’s a medical experiment and not an vaccine. If things go wrong, we, the general public, cannot take the government to court or the manufacturing companies that make make the vaccines, if things go wrong. When has this ever happened with a vaccine before?

Now it seems our government is in favour of a vaccine passport so you can visit, theatres, bars, hairdressers, shops and go overseas. But how can this work, without creating a divided society? Let’s get back our freedom, our rights, our need for socialising.

* Research, although not always quoted, is found on the internet. Copyright: Carole Railton frsa: April 2021

Photo by Carole Railton, copyright "Isolation".

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