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Learning how artificial intelligence can benefit you

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

This article by Carole Railton, one of Behavioural Shift’s co-founders, explains what artificial intelligence could mean for you.

It’s generally known that artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the business world. For example, the USA believes AI would advance global GDP by 14% in 2030 - that’s about USD15 trillion.

AI is also predicted to be the biggest commercial growth area in the world for business. The big companies are taking advantage of it while smaller ones are missing out. For example, Amazon, which has its foundations in AI, has had amazing success. Thirty-five per cent of its revenue is generated from its recommendation engine, according to the company’s figures.

Despite this expected explosion in growth in AI, many businesses and individuals are still not adopting it as quickly as expected. Why is this? It’s time for us to understand what is going on, and why. How will AI help us in our lives?

Early adopters are rare. Often too, there is considerable reluctance to migrate from old to new technologies. Transformation is never easy.

However, if we totally understand something, there is a much better chance of the implementation of new technology being a success, whether it is by an organization or an individual.

This applies to the adoption of AI technologies. If we understand how AI will benefit us, we will move forward. This understanding brings us to an acknowledgement and acceptance of AI. This learning is really important. In general, the public will adopt something they understand, they will use products that help them.

It seems that the younger generation are the ones pushing ahead with AI technologies, and who better understand its benefits. This leaves seniors to debate whether AI is a technology they want to embrace, or whether they want the benefits to pass them by.

Since in all probability, seniors have less time to live, it makes sense for them to adopt systems that make their lives easier.

Lots of seniors will get presents at Christmas that have all the benefits they have been reluctant to acknowledge or use. For example, they may have been resistant to buying a mobile phone with G5 or any other G5 powered gadget.

Behavioural Shift is a great supporter of seniors and their attainment of employment. For this reason, we want to help you understand the benefits of embracing the latest technology and propel you into this new world with ease.

It’s time to take the lead and for seniors to understand up-and-coming technology. This will also help if anyone is looking for a new job: “an older person who knows technology”, I can hear younger generations say.

A recent survey noted that even top leaders who are seniors are not embracing data-led decision making, which is the basis of AI. Is this because of a lack of understanding of the technology? When this happens, when a leader is not on board, it makes it incredibly difficult to get buy-in from the rest of the firm to embrace new technology and for progress to take effect.

Behavioural Shift wants to change that and wants to ensure you reap the benefits now.

Do you want to understand more about AI? Would you like a simple overview of how things work with AI, and how it could enhance your life in 2021 and beyond?

Behavioural Shift ( will hold a 1-hour webinar - a 45-minute presentation with 15 mins for questions – on 15 April.

There will be two sessions: 10am (NZ time) and 9pm (UK time). Hopefully, our friends in other parts of the world, such as the US, can make these times too.

In this way, we can capture different time zones, since one of the cofounders, Lucia Dore, works in NZ; the other, Carole Railton, works in the UK.

Please send us an email to let us know if you would like to attend one of the sessions. We will forward full details of the webinar to you. Until then, have a great month wherever you are.

Photo: by Carole Railton (copyright)

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