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Sponsor Senior Events or Write Papers

Want to be associated with Seniors?

Do you want to offer training seminars and courses to help them move forward in this technological age? Do you just want to raise awareness of what your company does in relation to seniors, or do you simply want to raise your profile?

To do this, corporates and individuals are offered the opportunity to get involved with Senior Behavioural Shift by sponsoring events.

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Events Coming Soon...

We, at Senior Behavioural Shift, are interested in disruptive technologies, such as AI, and how seniors can benefit from it.


Several events are planned to run in the coming year across Asia/Pacific. As you would expect, they will be around technology, AI in particular, and how it can enhance senior living. This is the name of the book that Lucia Dore has co-authored. (See earlier pages).


The events will be either in-person and virtual:


“How technology can enhance senior living” – Date and location to be determined. (In person)


“How you can make your life easier using the latest technologies”- Date and location to be determined.


A webinar on how to use technology. This is an opportunity to discuss what is bugging seniors and how to work with the latest technologies to help them. -Date to be determined.


If you are wanting a more intimate affair then a round table, with just a few invitees to discuss pertinent issues, may be just what you are looking for. You can discuss this by sending an email to


Other topics for an event will also be considered.


Previously, Lucia Dore has worked with companies such as IBM, Cisco, Xerox, HP and SAP to bring White Papers and events to a wider audience.  

Events were developed on the back of White Papers, on such topics as shareholder value and Basel 2. Some comments were:

“The event was extremely well attended and was highly informative"

- An attendee at the event

“The event was very enjoyable, which surprised me. The speakers were interesting. There was also lots of discussion.”

- An attendee at the event

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